Construction Informatics and Computing Lab

Teaching: Courses

CIV9072 Advanced Construction Safety Management
  • Level: Graduate (Hanyang University)
  • Offered in: Fall 2018
  • Description: This course covers principles of construction safety management by exploring the use of relevant data collected from construction jobsites. The lectures are focused on the basics of sensing and modeling techniques for the analysis of human motions and workplace environments in order to understand emerging approaches to safety enhancement.
GEN1031 Creative Computing for Engineers
CIV9071 Construction Data Informatics
CME9001 Value Engineering and Life Cycle Cost
CIV9041 Eco-Friendly Construction Process and Automation
CIE2071 Construction Geospatial Informatics and Practice
CIV9055 CEE Thesis and Journal Writing in English
CIV8059 Construction Cost Analysis
  • Level: Graduate (Hanyang University)
  • Offered in: Fall 2016
  • Description: Knowledge, techniques and skills to formulate and apply a scientific, integrative, and systematic approach to detailed cost estimating and project planning and control.
CIE3033 Construction Economy
  • Level: Undergraduate (Hanyang University)
  • Offered in: Fall 2016-2017
  • Description: Principles required for the systematic evaluation of economic performance in relation to the design, construction, and operation of civil infrastructure.

CIVE608 Construction Engineering (co-instructor)
  • Level: Graduate (University of Alberta)
  • Offered in: Winter 2016
  • Description: Principles of building, heavy and bridge construction; wood and formwork design, stability during construction, economics of equipment selection, movement of material on construction sites, safety, and constructability issues.
CIVE709 Research Methods
  • Level: Graduate (University of Alberta)
  • Offered in: Fall 2015
  • Description: Principle of research design and methods, scientific writing, types of research, research statements, proposal and paper writing, data collection and analysis, and ethics considerations.
CIVE409 Construction Methods
CIVE709 Best Practice: Construction Project Management (co-instructor)
  • Level: Graduate (University of Alberta)
  • Offered in: Fall 2013-2014
  • Description: Construction Industry Institute (CII) Best Practice. Topics include zero accident techniques, front end planning and alignment, constructability, quality management, lessons learned, change management, risk assessment, project controls, and benchmarking and metrics.