Geo System Research Group (GSR), founded in 2005, focuses on developing innovative and efficient solutions in the field of geotechnical engineering through state-of-the-art computational modeling, laboratory, and field testing. Our primary interests are 1) soil dynamics and earthquake engineering, 2) soil-structure interaction, 3) energy, and 4) fundamental soil mechanics, and 5) soil characterization via waves. We are currently actively participating in various government and industry funded projects including, but not limited to, development of new site response algorithms, probabilistic seismic hazard analysis and generation of synthetic ground motions, seismic design of geotechnical structures, soil-fluid-structure dynamic interaction modeling, simulation of geothermal heat pump systems and thermosyphons, elastic and electrical resistivity wave based soil characterization, micro-scale particle-fluid interaction modeling, and multi-scale modeling of soils. We are also involved in various real engineering projects.

We try to expose our members to the state-of-the-art research and practice oriented projects, maintain a closely mentored system, and provide a cooperative but challenging environment for learning. Our goal is to equip all members with a strong foundation in fundamental theories, research capabilities with an expertise in numerical modeling, practice-oriented knowledge, and efficient communication skills.

We welcome prospective students and postdoctoral researchers with innovative ideas and hard working ethics. International researchers and students are also welcomed. For more information about the research group and potential financial support, please contact us.